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We provide 24-hour emergency response services, seven days a week.

Arrow Industrial Security is an established South Florida company that provides a wide variety of security services. Home and business owners alike benefit from hiring a security company with Arrows solid experience. In particular, Arrow offers security guards for hire that can help keep your home or business safe. Security Officers provide the extra set of eyes and ears necessary to deter and prevent crime. Our experienced and well-trained Officers allow you to focus on the peace of your home and business.

We Hire Top Personnel

Arrow hires strictly screened personnel to patrol and ensure your security. Many of our Security Officers are former federal, state, county, city, and military law officers. These individuals are highly trained in providing both armed and unarmed security. Rest assured when you hire an Arrow Security Officer that you are working with the best of the best in the security industry.

How Security Officers Help

Officers are in continuous communication with the Arrow command center throughout their shifts. They inspect different posts regularly on a 24-hour basis. Offers also provide individualized security to ensure that the needs of each client are met to the fullest extent. Should an Officer notice a maintenance or safety problem, he or she will notify
the facility manager so that the manager can make repairs or adjustments immediately.

Different Clients Have Different Needs

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch protective services to all of our clients. We are equipped to secure locations ranging from educational institutions to high rise condominiums. Whether you own your own home or you are in charge of the security for a business, Arrow is ready to work with you to help ensure its safety and security.

As a result of providing quality protective services to all types of properties, Arrow is quickly growing to be an even more well-respected full service security agency. In addition to providing services such as private investigation and installing state-of-the art camera surveillance systems, Arrow offers security guards for hire to improve the security of industrial, residential and commercial properties throughout South Florida. We look forward to working with you to deliver complete security services for your property.

Remote Guarding Services in South Florida

Many residents of South Florida are interested in professional security services but are not certain as to what options exist. One of options available to a resident of the Sunshine States is remote guarding services. A number of benefits exist for a home or business owner that selects remote security for a residence or a commercial property.

Learn more about Arrow Security Corps. Remote Guarding Services in South Florida

Arrow Security specializes in providing remote security to an array of different types of clients, including home and business owners throughout the South Florida area. The process of installing a remote system begins with a consultation between a member of the Arrow Security professional team and a home or business owner. In addition, Arrow Security provides services for gated communities and home owner’s associations throughout the region.

Through a consultation, a determination is made of the specific needs and objectives of a client. With this information in hand, Arrow Security develops an ideal remote system for that specific client. A security professional installs the system and instructs a client on its proper use and all of that system’s capabilities.

The team at Arrow Security additionally stands ready to provide ongoing consultations with clients once a remote system is put in place. Arrow Security understands that the security needs and requirements of a client change and evolve over time.

With a remote system, Arrow Security provides around the clock monitoring of the premises. When an emergency occurs, with a remote system an appropriate response is immediate. In addition, statistics suggest that a remote system actually deters crime. A person intent on committing some sort of criminal act at a property thinks twice when he or she learns of the presence of a remote protective system on the premises.

In addition to providing remote guarding services, Arrow Security also offers clients onsite security and security guards. These services are available on a recurring basis or for a special event or purpose, depending on the specific needs of a client. A trained security consultant at Arrow Security works one on one with a client to determine what security options make the most sense and what security options will provide the best protection at a particular site.

Arrow Security Guards: Covering South Florida

Whether you own your own home or business, it makes sense to protect your belongings, family, friends and customers from possible criminal activity or violence. Visible, on-site security is a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. Arrow Industrial security is just the experienced full-service security firm to help you establish top quality security for any property you own or manage.

How Can Arrow Help?

On-site security provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Being the extra eyes and ears in all parts of the property to help prevent crime.
  • Inspection of various posts on a 24-hour basis.
  • Informing the facility manager of any safety or maintenance problem so that it can be quickly corrected.
  • Writing and submitting a detailed daily report of security findings and events.
  • Staying in constant communication with the 24/7 Arrow command center in case of an emergency.

These are just a few of the ways that Arrow security personnel can help ensure the safety of your property. We are concerned about the well-being of your property and people on it, just as you are.


Arrow also provides services such as surveillance camera system installation, private investigation and conducting thorough background checks. No matter the security problem you face, we are confident that Arrow can meet your needs. Our customized services mean that one reliable company services all of your security issues.

Arrow is a fast-growing company that is successful because of the high-quality protective services it provides throughout South Florida. We are committed to providing diligent and professional security services.
Our Security Guards are indispensable when you want to safeguard your property. We look forward to delivering the best security possible for your home or office.

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